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It is a pleasure to work with Trek and Karl. They are smart, friendly and have worked and handled cases for me across the State of Texas. They have ably defended very serious personal injury claims including cases involving death and traumatic brain injury. I have always been extremely pleased with their work and am happy to recommend Doyle & Seelbach to anyone.
— Pat Leo, Albertsons Safeway | Houston, Texas
I enjoyed working with Trek for many years on behalf of a national retailer who did not subscribe to workers’ compensation in Texas. Trek handled cases for me across the state from Houston to El Paso. Trek knows the ins and outs of Texas nonsubscriber law and tort liability and always has a resolution strategy in mind in every case. I look forward to working with Doyle & Seelbach.
— Carla Bridges | Dallas, Texas
Karl and Trek were great and helped make a tough process easy.
— James Derek | Austin, Texas
Karl is a heck of a lawyer and a good man to boot. I worked a case with him recently and saw his killer instincts in action. He is a true pro.
— Aaron von Flatern | Austin, Texas
I’ve worked with Trek and Karl for several years as a senior claims manager. I’ve always been very impressed with their attention to detail, litigation strategy, informative case evaluations and persuasive presentations. Last year, I worked with them on a case involving a fatality at a nationwide retailer. Trek managed to resolve the case on favorable terms. I can confidently say Trek and Karl are great attorneys who I highly recommend.
— Matthew Banker | Frisco, Texas
Competent, aggressive, tenacious and client focused. Trek, Karl and their team were willing to help my group work through a very ugly situation and bring it to a proper resolution. No stone was left unturned via civil and criminal proceedings to make sure that our group was made whole. You may be able to find a “bigger” firm... but you will not find a better one. Strongest possible recommendation.
— John W. | Pflugerville, Texas
Karl Seelbach represented us on a lawsuit against a pool renovation contractor who abandoned the job and performed sub-standard work. Karl and his law partner personally came out to our home to inspect the work and discuss our options and next steps. Initially, Karl developed a highly detailed demand letter which covered all the construction deficiencies and their impact. Ultimately, a lawsuit was filed against the pool contractor and its subcontractors. Karl is professional, responsive and highly skilled. We strongly recommend Karl and his team for your legal needs.
— Jennifer P. | Austin, Texas
This law firm is owned and operated by the most straightforward and honest group of people I have ever met. I came to them with a civil rights issue and they didnt disregard me at all. They took me and my case serious and they fought long and hard for me, not for months but for years! I cannot express enough how much I respect these guys. Not only did they believe in me, they convinced a federal judge and jury to believe in me. If you, or a business, family member or friend needs representation, these guys will treat you right, fair and honest.
— Lawrence Faulkenberry | Lockhart, Texas
I was opposing counsel to Karl. He is an excellent attorney. Despite our opposite positions, he was a gentleman. Aggressive and assertive yet courteous and professional throughout the litigation.
— Rey Ortiz | McAllen, Texas
The guidance of his law firm is unsurpassed! I was always very comfortable talking to everyone and the help was wonderful. I dealt mostly with Trek, but Karl was always on emails helping us make the difficult decisions. And thank you so much for help on my case you two! I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks.
— Renee Penner | Austin, Texas
I worked with Karl and his team on a personal injury matter, and although it was a very unusual case, he showed great skill and determination in his approach. Karl was always accessible and was excellent in both verbal and written communications as he kept me informed of all the necessary steps as they unfolded throughout the case. When it came time for mediation, I was so impressed with Karl’s preparedness and his persuasive presentation. I will be forever grateful to him for being able to negotiate such a favorable outcome on my behalf. Karl and his team are all so professional and knowledgeable in addition to being such nice, friendly, and courteous people that were a joy to work with. If you ever need legal assistance, I can’t recommend this firm enough.
— Linda Fogle | Lockhart, Texas
I endorse Karl Seelbach. Excellent trial lawyer!
— Melissa Lorber | Austin, Texas
Trek Doyle is a smart, strategic lawyer. I’d like to have him on my side in any case.
— Christine Burgess | Austin, Texas
I endorse Karl Seelbach. He made the process of getting our case settled smooth and efficient.
— Molly Scott | Dallas, Texas
I am an attorney here in Austin and have worked as opposing counsel on a few cases with Karl Seelbach. Karl is an excellent attorney. He is aggressive and assertive and fights for his clients, but he is courteous and professional about it, which is why he gets good results. I would highly recommend Karl and his firm to anyone looking for good business litigation and personal injury attorneys.
— Aaron Culp | Austin, Texas
Trek provided me with quick and candid legal advice. Even though the chips were stacked against me, Trek helped me recover money out of a difficult situation. Trek and his law partner were efficient and straight to the point. Thankfully, they were able to resolve my claim on favorable terms.
— Paige R. | Austin, Texas
I enjoyed working alongside Karl while representing our respective clients in a multi-party business litigation suit. Karl instantly impressed me with his effective communication, strong advocacy, and ability to relate to clients as well as colleagues. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer him to clients and other lawyers in need of his expertise.
— Carolyn Skogman | Austin, Texas
I was an opposing counsel to Karl. He was the right combination of professional, prepared, skilled, and willing to work towards a mutually agreeable resolution for the interests of his client. I look forward to working with or opposite him in the future.
— Jim Robichaux | Corpus Christi, Texas
Karl and Trek handled an auto accident for me. They were very easy to work with and very professional. I was very pleased with the outcome.
— Ronda Kirkpatrick | Austin, Texas
Karl is a pleasure to work with. Very efficient and always professional.
— Jonathan Walters | Fort Worth, Texas
Doyle and Seelbach represented my minor child in a lawsuit involving multiple medical care providers. The firm was referred to me by an old friend and I have already recommended them to an old friend of mine! I spent months working with Trek Doyle and his character, knowledge, and professionalism were a major source of comfort to me. Trek and Karl are an impressive team who know how to utilize each other’s strengths; they are reliable, expedient, forward thinking and client oriented. My child suffered significant physical and mental pain at the hands of those who were entrusted to help. More than anything I wanted a lawsuit to be fought with the level of integrity and care that my child was due by her medical providers. I can soundly say that is what we got from Doyle and Seelbach. Upon maturity, I am hopeful the monies my child was awarded will symbolize that retribution.
— Kate P. | Austin, Texas
I was opposing counsel against Karl, and his partner, Trek Doyle, on a personal injury matter and I strongly endorse him. He was professional, hard working, honest and likable.
— Jim Zadeh | Fort Worth, Texas
I was referred to Karl by a friend. He was able to help me quickly settle a legal dispute and in the process, negotiate terms that helped me grow my business. He was accessible, efficient with my time and treated my case with urgency. Karl is a legal expert with a great business IQ. I couldn’t have been happier with his results.
— Patrick Monroe | Austin, Texas
A relatively new partnership which makes up for their lack in size with determination and skill. They did everything they said they were going to do from start to finish, was honest with me about my potential results and were extremely good staying in touch with me regarding the progress of my case. I wholeheartedly recommend them!
— Bill H. | Lafayette, Indiana
I was referred to Karl Seelbach from a close friend. Karl and his law partner, Trek Doyle, did an excellent job representing me in a federal court case. They were attentive, answered all of my questions and negotiated a favorable outcome on my behalf. I would recommend the Doyle & Seelbach law firm to anyone looking for a litigation attorney in Texas.
— John Weddige | Austin, Texas
I’ve worked on some complex cases with Karl. He was my adversary in these cases. Karl is detailed oriented, but more important, he is a skilled advocate and whip smart. I recommend him in the highest terms and without reservation. Great lawyer.
— Brian Beckcom | Houston, Texas
Karl is resourceful and driven. His focus is client satisfaction, which I have seen him deliver repeatedly over the course of more than a decade, through his informed guidance of clients coupled with zealous representation.
— Patrick Cohoon | Boerne, Texas
I contacted them on short notice for a difficult and unpleasant situation. They worked me into their busy day and were able to jump in, learn about the situation, and get it under control with good advice in a short period of time. I really appreciate their prompt response and reassurance they were able to give me in a sticky situation.
— Kathleen S. | Dripping Springs, Texas
Mr. Seelbach handled my [car] accident and made the process so easy for me. From the first day I went into his office for consultation, he was very helpful and friendly. Having never been involved in an accident, he took care of everything for me, all I really had to do was follow my doctor’s order. Overall I had a great stress free experience and I would recommend him to anyone who is dealing with an automotive accident.
— R. Velez | Austin, Texas
I hired Karl Seelbach to assist my company with a commercial leasing negotiation. I was very pleased with Karl’s work. He had a firm grasp of the issues and was able to successfully negotiate favorable terms for my company. His law firm provided great legal service. I highly recommend Karl and his firm. Great guy to work with and very down to Earth. I would absolutely use Karl and his firm again.
— Erik J. Bruce, M.D. | Austin, Texas
I was referred to Karl Seelbach from a trusted friend. I was very pleased his work. Karl quickly analyzed the legal issues and sent an aggressive demand letter on my behalf and negotiated a very favorable settlement. I recommend Karl and his law firm to any business owner in Texas looking for a great lawyer. Karl didn’t waste time and communicated very well with me.
— Robert L. | Rome, Georgia
I hired Karl and his law firm to help me with an employment matter. They did a great job analyzing the issues and gave me honest and straightforward advice. I highly recommend Karl if you ever need a lawyer.
— Geoffrey G. | Arlington, Texas
As a small business owner, I desperately needed an attorney to assist me with a commercial leasing dispute. I was referred to Karl by a friend of my husband. Karl did a great job analyzing the issues and presented me with candid feedback. Fortunately, this did not turn into a lawsuit, but if it did I know who I can call. Karl and his law partner are great attorneys.
— Angie J. | Sugar Land, Texas
I hired Doyle & Seelbach to help my company resolve an employee dispute and city permitting issue. Trek and Karl quickly solved the problem and were a pleasure to work with. I recommend them to any companies who need legal assistance and I look forward to working with them again someday.
— Josh Agrelius, ReBath of Austin