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Bill’s life experience brings a powerful skill set to the paralegal profession.  He served in the United States Army as an analyst.  This highly technical job demanded a “failure is not an option” attitude in a variety of challenging environments. After the military, Bill worked as a Texas Peace Officer for two different municipalities outside the greater Austin area.   Bill spent years in law enforcement assignments as a patrol officer and a detective.  When he left police work, Bill held an Advanced Peace Officer License from the State of Texas and over 3000 hours of training recognized by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

Immediately after his career as a Texas Peace Officer, Bill went back to college.  He obtained an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Paralegal studies from Austin Community College.  He completed an internship with Doyle and Seelbach in 2017.  Bill performs a variety of functions for the attorneys.  He is instrumental in collecting, analyzing and organizing information for case files. He is responsible for coordinating with the many different types of professionals that can become involved in a civil law suit.  He regularly communicates with court systems over the entire State of Texas, including Federal Courts located within the state.

Bill lives outside of Austin with his wife, Kate, their two dogs and a cat. Kate is a school teacher who teaches Special Education. In his spare time, Bill is a fitness enthusiast and bookworm. To balance out his exciting work and professional experiences, Bill often enjoys a quiet day at home or a simple gathering with friends and family.